Blockchain: Solana
Collection size: 10000
Mint date: Sept 19, 2023
Mint price: TBA
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Last review update September 16th, 2023

About Reavers

The Mission

Reavers’ is looking to create the next wave of excitement for interactive-idle, play-to-earn (P2E) games. This playbook of idle, P2E games has been used in the past with some attempts being massively successful and others falling short. Reavers intends to make theirs a success through the use of an enhanced storyline, gamification, and outright fun game to play available in a mobile-friendly platform. With their gameplay based around a pirate-theme, characters can perform activities like plunders, raids, and battles. Reavers intends to captivate holders by being immersed in gameplay while also offering many strategies to earn, win, and advance.


Game Overview

The game is broken down into two playable characters:

  • Quartermasters
  • First Mates

 And each of these characters are able to partake in a variety of activities, including:

  • Plunders
  • Raids

Where the goal of each of these activities is to:

  • Level up in-game
  • Earn $ARRR 

The game also takes place on a series of islands that a user can progress through. The details of gameplay will be described further in the “Utility” section. 


The Collection

The total supply is 10,000 NFTs, with 4,990 being Quartermaster, 4,990 being First Mates, and the remaining 20 being 1/1s. The 1/1s will have the ability to switch between Quartermaster and First Mate roles, in addition to acting as 1.75x multipliers for any yields.

The variety of characters and pirate theme are all executed very well. The lore of game ties very nicely into a P2E style game, along with all of the artwork graphics, and gameplay previews have been very high quality that appear to have been meticulously crafted.


Holder Benefits

The majority of utility for Reavers can be categorized into two main sections; Fun and Earnings. Each of which we will dive into more specifically.


Earnings and Income

All revenue gained from playing Reavers is earned in the form of $ARRR token. It is unclear exactly how much $ARRR will be earned by playing the game, but the more you advance and the higher level you achieve will earn you more $ARRR. 


The total supply for $ARRR is 1.1 Billion, with 85% being reserved for in-game yields, 10% allocated to the team and operating costs, and the final 5% serving as liquidity.
As with many idle games, you will need to spend $ARRR in order to progress and they are employing a deflationary mechanism by burning any $ARRR spent in-game. 




Each of the two primary characters, Quartermasters and First Mates, have their own applications within the game. Both characters share the same primary objectives which include:

  1. Plunder to earn $ARRR
  2. Raid to earn items
  3. Participate in battles


However, the characters do have different roles within a team and how each is used will likely be a difference of strategy for each player. For example, the Quartermaster manages the ship’s equipment and supplies whereas the First Mates manage the crew members.

Additionally, there are more characters known as the Crew. The Crew can be acquired and the more experienced the crew, the greater the earnings boost when participating in activities. 



The only activity to earn $ARRR. There are many instances of plunders to participate in, each offering a variety of risks, rewards, and earnings potential. Participating in harder and higher risk plunders will yield the greatest reward but require a full, experienced crew to complete.

They serve as a way to earn items to give better advantage in other activities. Successful raids yield boosts, such as a Battle Boost which can be used to increase the chances of winning a battle. The boosts earned are all one-time use.

The only way to progress to the next island. Once a player reached the maximum level on an island, they must complete a battle in order to move forward to the next island. Additionally, battles can only be completed with a full crew.

A mission that everyone is required to do to complete their Crew. The rescue mission occurs on the first island, in which you rescue your Crew. This is only possible to complete with a First Mate.


Leveling and Progression

Each character begins at level 1, with a highest achievable level of 20. Each level increases yields and success, meaning that the $ARRR yield will increase in addition to having increased success rate during Raids.

In addition to player levels, there are also various islands to progress through. A total of 7 islands, each requiring different criteria to advance as well as providing greater yields and rewards. The criteria for island advancements varies, with the higher levels requiring additional team members (NFTs) to advance.

There is also a series of items, inventories, and boost items to collect along the way to aid in all in-game activities. The extent of these items is unknown at the time of writing, however, it is known that each of these items will be tradable on the secondary market.

Team Members Role
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Project Concept

Reavers has sustained the market’s attention and managed to hold a spot as one of the most sought-after mints in the current market. Much of the initial success of Reaver’s would not have been possible without projects like The Heist paving the way for P2E games. I think direct comparisons of projects is typically non-constructive and primarily toxic, however, it is difficult to put a thorough review in without some kind of comparison. And it is clear that the public feels Reavers will “be like The Heist”, making it an unavoidable baseline to compare to.

While this comparison isn’t necessarily bad, with quantity it does become a bad recipe. The Heist is actively the most dominant project in the Solana ecosystem with P2E and providing significant earnings. But this recipe is prone to oversaturation and with every additional project entering that same space, the value of each one individually declines. This is especially true as the players and holders of one are the same target audience of any new one’s, suggesting that the market share is not expanding.

With that said, I feel strongly this space has room for more than a single, dominant project. So any P2E entering the space with a good foundation, engaging game, and enthusiastic team has a recipe to be successful such that they are in before the oversaturation begins. Reavers has certainly shown itself to fit the major of those few criteria and is positioning itself to be a big player in the P2E space, it will simply be a matter of how the team executes ongoing activities and keeps the game and community feeling engaged as time goes on and the excitement of a new mint dwindles.


Price Longevity

I am hesitant to put this section first because it feels a bit shallow, but it’s the part that most people are excited about Reavers for so let’s jump right in.

There are two primary ways to look at Reavers and expect to make profit; one is simply holding the NFT with floor price going up if there is demand and the second aspect is by selling in-game winnings. These two aspects will impact each other in ways that will be unpredictable until the project officially launches and has sufficient time to stabilize on secondary markets, but we can look into a few ways that they could influence one another. 

Immediately off the bat, any project will have a lot of hype and excitement around the launch. This excitement will cause a lot of volatility on secondary markets as some people will be selling quickly to lock in immediate, smaller profits whereas other people that were never able to get WL or want to accumulate more will be buying into the excitement. For price longevity, we can ignore this component as it’s typically inorganic price movement and not representative of how the project performs or will hold up over time.

Because Reavers is a game with passive income capabilities, the project will never hold the highest floor price. There will always be people playing the game that do not enjoy it, but instead play simply for the $ARRR earnings and selling items on secondary. The actual payouts and earnings are still unknown at the time of writing this, but these will be what dictates the floor price of Reavers as a whole. Once sufficient data is released about how much people are earning by playing, the floor price will stabilize based on that value and will be locked into that ratio for as long as the game exists. 

The other aspect that will impact price is the gameplay and gamification factor. If holders genuinely enjoy playing the game, this could have a slightly positive impact as they will be more reluctant to sell depending on how much they are passively earning and how much they are enjoying the experience. Furthermore, there are many different strategies that a player can take to maximize earnings such as advancing further in islands, using items to advance rather than selling, and countless other strategies that will impact the selling and buying pressure from existing holders.



The collection has a supply of 10,000 NFTs, although that is a bit misleading for people that intend to actually play the game. This is because 10,000 players cannot advance all the way through the game because you need to hold a couple NFTs to create your team and several more if you wish to advance to the most advanced islands. I do not have concrete numbers on this, so it is a bit of speculation, but a reasonable estimate would assume approximately 2,500 players able to reach the end of the game. And that is still a bit misleading because it assumes that the quartermasters and first mates are perfectly distributed among those holders, so in reality the quantity for people capable of advancing to the end (or near the end), is very low.

This limited aspect of the supply can work as a double-edged sword. The benefit to it is that it increases the gamification and potentially fun aspects to playing the game. The drawback to it is that it is a game that is putting a limit on the amount of players that can partake, potentially creating less excitement as there are less people playing the game.



There is very little evidence shown about revenue generation for Reavers, which leads to questions of longevity and sustainability. There is no apparent income stream for paying the team and ongoing development costs unless the revenue is predominantly being generated from fees hidden in microtransactions, such as costs to play or royalties.

The only funding attributed to the team is 10% of the $ARRR token supply. If this is being used as a primary supply for team funding then it creates a short-term vision as it will encourage a significant amount of ongoing sell pressure on the $ARRR token. And in the event that is all of the compensation, when that well runs dry there will be little incentive to remain dedicated to serving the game and community of players.


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