Jelly Rascals

Gaming / PFP / Utility
Blockchain: Solana
Collection size: 6666
Mint Date:
Mint Price: $JELLY
Current floor price (ME): 0 SOL
Total Listed (ME): 0
Total Sales (ME): 629,950.17 SOL
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Last review update October 11th, 2023

About Jelly Rascals

Jelly Co. came from what was once a rugged project called Jellybabies.
Taken over by CarlosOMFG and Turtle early 2022 the project soon changed to be one of the most talked about projects on Solana.


  • Jelly Rascals
  • Gamerooms
  • Infected Rascals
  • Jelly Cosmetics

Firstly everything in Jelly Co. revolves around the token $Jelly. When Carlos and Turtle first stepped in they wanted to change to create an eco system where you did not have to sell your NFT and leave the community to take profit. They have built an eco system to support this token and not be just another useless staking token.

Utilities that will use $JELLY are

  • Gambulls Casino
  • Monet Raffle Platform
  • JellyDrop
  • Jelly Adventures
  • JellyPot
  • The Hunt
  • Solsuite

All utilities that use $JELLY get sent back to the staking wallet to be used again for staking emissions. If any items are purchased in the online store using $JELLY, a portion of the $JELLY is sold to cover costs and the rest is sent back behind the staking wallet.

Jelly Co. also recently became investors in the community raffle site built by Stoned apes crew called Monet




Part 1. The $JELLY token eco-system

Part 2. The Jelly Co. Collections

The $JELLY Token

The biggest drawcard of owning a Jelly Rascal is the staking emissions in $JELLY. The eco system revolves around $JELLY with many ways to create buying pressure on the token.

The idea behind this is to sell the token not the NFT for profits. In other words sell the milk, keep the cow.


Gambulls Casino

This is a fully licensed blockchain Casino. This is a top quality crypto Casino with many of the top games to play. Currently a whitelabel Casino.
Jelly Co. is currently applying for a turnkey licence which means they can make a few modifications. One in particular of interest is, players that play in $JELLY get greater value. Not actual figure but for example purposes, you can play with $100usd worth of $Jelly and get a 10% bonus, so effectively $110usd worth of credits to use.
Feel free to use our referral link to try out the Casino first hand here
(Note some countries do not allow access to Gambulls)
Gambulls also has an NFT of their own on the Polygon blockchain. This will be detailed more in another project analysis.

Monet (Raffle site)

Monet is a raffles site made by Stoned Ape Crew that Jelly Co. has invested into. Why? Smart business, Jelly Co. originally planned on building their own raffle platform but later found out that SAC had already began doing so. Instead of building and lowering everyones market share Jelly Co offered to partner with SAC.
Monet platform allows for raffles for NFT’s, Whitelists and even physical merch. Raffles can be setup to accept multiple currencies and tokens as payment.
For clarification this means the raffler may set up the raffle to accept Solana, Bonk, Jelly, Forge or any other verified token to the value of the ticket price.
Projects also benefit from this platform as a small percentage of the fees are returned to the rafflers chosen communities.




Another utility adding use to the $JELLY token is Jellydrop.
Jellydrop is a lootbox spin with some of the boxes available to spin using $JELLY.
Prizes available in these boxes have been anything from 0.1sol to a Deadgod or even a 1/1 Rascal.


Jelly Adventures

This is a gamified feature where you can send your NFT on adventures with the chance to come back with prizes.
Variables can be set depending on the rarity of your NFT or even the duration sent.
Just another way to have fun and test your degen side.


JellyPot is a new addition where players can deposit $JELLY into a pot in a winner takes all game.
Your % of winning is the % which you have deposited into the pot.
With live chat and VC, this is a community favourite.
Recent additions have been 1 player mode, where you play against the Jellypapa bot
(FYI Jellypapa was the original rugger of the project, so this is a bit of humour)


The Hunt

Simple in theory but challenging.

  • 20 Questions
  • 1 Winner

Each answer submitted for each question costs $JELLY. Sounds simple, but is it?

Jelly Cosmetics Store

(Note as the Rascals are undergoing an art upgrade this is subject to change)
We have been told that those that hold cosmetics will be looked after but no further information.

A popular utility within the Jelly eco system is the Jelly Cosmetics Store. From this store you can purchase new skins to apply over the top of your existing Rascal.
The store uses the Dutch Auction method to sell. This means the skins start at a high price and slowly lower over time until purchased.
Starting prices have been 10k $JELLY and 2 Infected Rascals. (these infected Rascals will be burned making them a deflationary collection).

To apply or remove the skin on your Rascal this will also cost $JELLY


Other Utilities in the Jelly Eco System are


SolSuite provides other projects with a range of products and services at an affordable price that will allow these teams to get on their feet and provide value to their holders. This includes a staking platform and raffle house among other features. Proceeds from the Solsuite platform go right back into adding buying pressure to $JELLY as the team does strategic buybacks. 




EJelly (Coming Soon)

It couldn’t be an collection without some sweet deals on some gaming vouchers. What about purchasing some V-Bucks for Fortnite or some Xbox vouchers?



Part 2 . Collections 

Jelly Rascals

Jelly Rascals are the first and main collection.
They began as a 3333 collection called Jellybabies, since Overdrive and Alter Ego art upgrades they are now a 6666 collection of Jelly Rascals.
Jelly Rascals stake for 5 $JELLY per day and give full access to the server.

Future perks will be enabled for rascals staked inside Gambulls Casino.
While staked in the Casino Rascals will not emit $Jelly but instead be rewarded with rakeback depending on their rarity.

Common = 10% Rakeback
Uncommon = 12.5% Rakeback
Rare 15 % Rakeback
Epic = 17.5% Rakeback
Legendary = 22.5% Rakeback
Mythic = 27.5% Rakeback
1/1 Rascal = 32.5% Rakeback


The first purpose of the Gamerooms was to enable “Overdriving” of your original Jellybaby into a Jelly Rascal. To overdrive your Rascal 2 x Gamerooms and 50 $JELLY needed to be burned. This phase is now completed and the primary use is a staking multiplier for Rascals. By itself it generates zero emissions but when Rascals are staked inside Gamerooms act as a multiplier.

  • 1/1 : 10 Rascals @ 6x Multiplier
  • Rank 1: 10 Rascals @ 4x Multiplier
  • Rank 2: 10 Rascals @ 2x Multiplier
  • Rank 3: 5 Rascals @ 2x Multiplier
  • Rank 4: 2 Rascals @ 2x Multiplier


Burned Gamerooms

Don’t be confused here. These were not sent to sol incinerator. Jelly Co. had a burn event where holders sent a Gameroom away to receive a burned Gameroom in return.
Burned Gamerooms no longer act as a multiplier but have other perks. Future plans for the Burned Gamerooms are reflections. A percentage of the revenue created by the Jelly eSports utilities and secondary market royalties will be go into a pool and can be claimed by the Gameroom holders as reflections.



Infected Rascals 

Infected Rascals were an art drop given to Rascal holders. There is no staking for this collection.
They were once are burned when purchasing from the cosmetics store. Current prices are 2 x Infected rascals and a varying amount of $JELLY to purchase a Cosmetic.
This has since finished and they are art only. They give no access to servers nor have any utility.


Jelly Cosmetics

Jelly cosmetics are just that, cosmetics only. No server access.
They can be purchased from the Jelly Cosmetics store via Dutch Auction, or on secondary.
They can be applied or removed from an existing Rascal via the Cosmetics Store. (Soon to be finished due to art upgrade)
They can be sold as is on secondary or on top of an existing Rascal as a package.






Team Members Role
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  • Probably the biggest asset is the team. CarlosOMFG is an incredibly active founder and is all about community and looking after holders. Highly respected in the Solana space and brings great vibes to any social space he is involved in.
  • The project continues to look for opportunities in the market to build and increase revenue streams.
  • The project social media game is on point, always hosting spaces and promoting with some fantastic hosts on board.
  • Streaming of influencers using the Gambulls Casino is drawing attention to the project
  • Marketing campaign planned
  • $JELLY emissions and a sustainable token
  • Active community



  • There is a lot going on and information is sometimes buried deep in announcements.
    A common misconception is believing Dawgs get $JELLY. This has been clear and will never happen. Only Rascals stake for $JELLY
  • The art is a major concern, outside of holders the majority dislike it. There is cosmetics to buy and change the appearance of your Rascal but other than a few special ones these tend to be just as average as the originals. Tacky traits and use of some odd shades is really not aesthetically pleasing.
  • With the project centred around the $JELLY token and it being described as passive income is not ideal. Lots of talk of regulation around staking tokens add the risk of future legal ramifications.
  • The low entry of the lesser collections also brings low quality socials, raiding has been good to draw attention but the quality is so low that many in the greater space have switched off.
  • Jelly has a sub DAO in another server Runaway Rascals. DAO’s have a track record to be mostly unsuccessful and add more confusion than anything else.

My Thoughts

Full disclosure I have held this collection since the original Jellybaby days.
Jelly Co. has come from rug to be one of the top projects on Solana which is an achievement on its own. They have unique ways to address and overcome flaws and have held a strong community while doing so. Although as the collection has rose to be in the top 10 more is expected and faults are highlighted.
I would like to see someone on board who is not afraid to tell it how it is and make sure when things come out they are perfect. This could be as simple as refining the UI on websites to proof reading socials and announcements. These are the 1% changes that top projects nail down to ensure they stay top projects.
One of my biggest concerns is the future of $JELLY. At this stage all is on track but having a project based around a token with the SEC looming is a concern. All things seem to be within guidelines but this will always be a concern.

One problem I have always had was the shared server with Dawgs and IR. Typically low barrier entry brings high entitlement holders. Carlos has always been a more than generous person and many of these low barrier holders were there asking for free stuff. Recent changes have been a refreshing change, the Dawgs and IR are now in there own server here

This has allowed the Rascal community to thrive, old holders have returned, interaction and sentiment has had a positive turn. Conversation has turned into a place where people talk about the irl experiences that are being held by Jelly Co. I should add these experiences are not funded by the project. These are done from the generosity of Carlos himself. Check out this example of the VIP seating in Bali here. Just one example of the community experiences to foster the bond.
Overall watch this space, more to come when Gambulls Casino changes from white label to turnkey experience. Rumour has it there will be some juicy rakebacks.





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