Skribr’s Origin Story

November 19th, 2023

Skribr’s Origin Story: From a Trader’s Social Club to a Digital Powerhouse

Skribr’s Origin Story is a pioneering venture in the realm of financial markets and content creation, dates back 2.5 years and stems from a rich tapestry of experience and innovation. My professional journey in trading financial markets spans over six years, during which I have mentored and led over 6000 students, imparting the art of market trading for various organizations. This experience laid the foundation for Skribr’s inception.

The initial idea for Skribr, then known as ‘The Bull Pen’, was simple yet profound. It stemmed from my desire to create a private, enjoyable space for close trading friends and myself. This space was envisioned as more than just a trading hub; it was to be a relaxed social club where we could discuss the latest movies, engage in weekly poker games and enjoy group gaming sessions, like Call of Duty. Initially, The Bull Pen was not intended to be anything beyond a fun, Traders Social Club.

As our group expanded, especially with my former students joining in, we began exploring the NFT market. However, we soon recognized a glaring void in this space: a lack of comprehensive, data-driven information. Leveraging our analytical expertise, we began crafting detailed reports on NFT projects, unraveling the intricacies behind their teams, visions, monetization strategies, and potential value. This was a hit – our members loved the depth and clarity we provided.

During this period, our collective investments in various projects, including a significant ETH project, began yielding substantial returns. The decision to share these profits with our investment syndicate was well-received, and it was at this point that we contemplated a rebranding to better reflect our evolving identity and activities. Thus, we transitioned from The Bull Pen to The Syndicate.

The expansion phase

The next big step was sharing our insights beyond our circle. We started building a website to share our research publicly but to also expand our content offering to broader crypto information and education from our collective years of experience in the space. It was during this phase we realized we were onto something bigger than just a group of trading enthusiasts. But, naming our venture proved tricky. ‘The Syndicate’ was too common, and we faced issues with company and domain registrations not to mention a young group of people where having their second go at running an NFT project and happen to call themselves Syndicate as well.

This hurdle led us to a critical rebranding phase, where we tasked to find a name that was not only unique and memorable but also encapsulated our mission. After much deliberation, ‘Skribr’ was born (pronounced scribe-r). This name, a clever play on ‘subscriber’ and ‘scribe’, reflects our commitment to content creation and note-taking. Its unique spelling not only set us apart but also navigated the challenges of domain registration from all the domain scalpers out there.

In the months that followed, Skribr refined its mission statement, aligning our team’s core values and goals. We embarked on brainstorming sessions to envision the products and services Skribr would develop over the next five to ten years. This article is just a glimpse into Skribr’s origin. In the following article, I will delve into the specifics of Skribr, unveiling the essence and offerings of our innovative platform. For now, this narrative serves as a testament to the evolution of Skribr – from a modest traders’ group to a beacon of innovation in content creation in the Web3 space.


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