Explore the Fun and Fortune of Podium

December 13th, 2023

Get ready for Podium, an innovative 3D claw machine game that takes the excitement of arcade-style gaming to the next level with blockchain technology. Playable with Solana or exclusive Podium tokens, this game is a perfect blend of fun and the opportunity to earn.

Podium was built and design by Skribr in collaboration with Soldrop and Big bear Studios and was created for a fun way to reward our community members with some old school retro arcade vibes using NFT and Web3 technology.

Each turn in Podium is a chance to win something cool. With a constant prize pool of roughly 200 SOL in NFTs and SPL tokens, every spin is a winner. Whether you take a single shot or opt for a bulk spin of 3 or 6, Podium keeps the excitement going. Winnings are sent directly to your wallet, making each victory both exciting and rewarding.

Each week we take all revenue from the machine and purchase more NFTs from partnered projects and keep the machine full and growing in value. Our goal is to eventually have this thing stocked with 1000’s of sol worth of amazing prizes from bluechip projects on Solana.

But there’s more! Be an active part of our community by joining in our weekly events and competing in our monthly quest leaderboard to earn special Podium tokens which gets you free spins for your chance to win some dope prizes.

Podium is more than a game; it’s a community of fun, rewards, and blockchain innovation. Join the Podium experience and start winning today!


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