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Skribr was formed from a collective of professional traders and analysts in the crypto space who were tired of fragmented information and a shortage of experienced content creators in the field. Over the years, we’ve grown and handpicked a talented group of creators dedicated to bringing value to the web3 community with quality unbiased and reliable information.

Our vision is to create the ultimate companion app for onboarding, educating and keeping you up to date with information in the crypto space.

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Skribr’s Origin Story: From a Trader’s Social Club to a Digital Powerhouse

Skribr’s Origin Story is a pioneering venture in the realm of financial markets and content creation, dates back 2.5 years and stems from a rich tapestry of experience and innovation.

Skribr Community Rewards: Games, Tokens, and NFT Prizes

Dive into our vibrant community rewards program, where fun meets opportunity!

Skribr Discord Bot: Streamlining Updates

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Discord bot, a super handy tool designed to keep you updated with the latest content from Skribr Media.

Explore the Fun and Fortune of Podium

Get ready for Podium, an innovative 3D claw machine game that takes the excitement of arcade-style gaming to the next level with blockchain technology.

Join Skribr’s Interactive Educational VC Sessions

In an era where technology and finance intersect, the thirst for knowledge in the crypto space has never been more intense.